Maintaining the stability of the deep-drawing aluminum plate market

2021-08-28 18:39:13

  Maintaining the stability of the deep-drawing aluminum plate market, light research technology is in action!

  The first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" is also the starting year for Aluminum Corporation of China to embark on a new journey. By consolidating management responsibilities, improving the transformation of operational expertise and cost competitiveness, market management capabilities, and constantly improving the negative list management mechanism to improve management efficiency , Our Youth Science and Technology has also introduced management measures such as the tenure system for managers to continuously provide guarantee and channel promotion for the construction of the talent team and the high-skilled talents of science and technology talents and front-line employees, and accelerate the construction of a first-class R&D platform.

  Under such a general environment, our deep-drawing aluminum sheets continue to optimize production, organize and coordinate domestic and foreign bauxite resources, promote the control of electrolytic aluminum targets, deepen the reform of carbon market, and purchase precise customized materials by business and varieties. Sales plan, while strengthening the collaborative operation of the deep-drawing aluminum sheet business platform, optimizing the deep-drawing aluminum sheet supply chain management, and accelerating the establishment of the deep-drawing aluminum sheet-related Internet platform procurement and car-free city transportation model.

deep-drawing aluminum plate

  Step-by-step measures have taken our deep-drawing aluminum sheet production work of light research technology to strengthen the competition and cooperation of leading enterprises, build a cooperative and win-win ecological alliance, maintain the stability of the deep-drawing aluminum sheet market, and give play to the integrated advantages and Leading role.