Ultra-long aluminum plate Ultra-long aluminum plate Ultra-long aluminum plate Ultra-long aluminum plate
Ultra-long aluminum plate Ultra-long aluminum plate Ultra-long aluminum plate Ultra-long aluminum plate

Ultra-long aluminum plate

Alloy Number: 1050、1060、1070、3003 etc.

Supply Status: H18、H22、H24、HO etc.

Thickness: 0.3mm-6.0mm

Width: 100mm-1600mm

Product Description

  Product description of ultra-long aluminum plate:

  Ultra-long aluminum plate is a long-length aluminum plate product, which can be divided into two types: thin aluminum plate and medium-thick aluminum plate. The ultra-long aluminum plate produced by Qingyan Technology not only has a better shape, a smoother and more delicate surface, a smaller thickness tolerance, and a better deep drawing and oxidation effect. After testing, all indicators far exceed the national standard.

  The ultra-long aluminum plate produced by Henan Light Research Technology is a kind of aluminum plate that is processed by various methods such as rolling and polishing to make the surface of the plate show a mirror effect. It is widely used. The cold-rolled ultra-long aluminum sheet produced by Qingyan Technology uses soaking technology to eliminate internal stress, while reducing intra-granular segregation and unevenness of the structure, and improving the stretchability and plasticity of the product. The final product has good flatness, uniform color and good stretching ability. Due to its good productivity, it is suitable for mass production and can be made into light-weight, high-rigidity products. It is widely used in lighting reflectors and lamp decoration, solar heat collection and reflective materials, interior architectural decoration, exterior wall decoration, household appliances panels , Electronic product shell, furniture kitchen, automobile interior and exterior decoration, signs, logos, luggage, jewelry boxes and other fields.

Ultra-long aluminum plate

  The main application of ultra-long aluminum plate:

  Thin aluminum plates are often used for battery flexible connections, bus interiors, auto parts, aluminum-plastic panels, signs, lamps, wide curtain walls, bus luggage racks/floors/checkered plates (used by Yutong), etc.; medium-thick aluminum plate uses: aluminum Bus bars, automobile radiators, new energy vehicle charging piles, molds, etc.; molds, LNG storage tanks, flange materials, GIS high-voltage switch shells, precision machining, ships, tanker bodies, curtain walls, subways, fuel tanks, gas tanks, Moulds, LNG storage tanks, bus skins, C82 coal trucks, car roof/bottom guards, flange materials, GIS shells, etc.

Ultra-long aluminum plate

Product Features

  1. It has high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, good plasticity, and is easy to withstand various pressure processing, bending and stretching;

  2. Good candle illumination and welding performance, and can be used for gas welding, hydrogen atom welding and resistance welding;

  3, Has good corrosion resistance;

  4. Mature technology, good quality and low price;

  5, Good forming characteristics, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and conductivity;

  6, Can meet the conventional processing needs, stamping, stretching, high formability;

  7, The surface of the aluminum plate has no oil spots, no waves, no scratches, no roll marks, neat trimming, and no burrs;

  8. The cutting edge is of good quality, without burrs, tower shape, and layer channeling.


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