Sign aluminum plate Sign aluminum plate Sign aluminum plate Sign aluminum plate
Sign aluminum plate Sign aluminum plate Sign aluminum plate Sign aluminum plate

Sign aluminum plate

Alloy Number: 1050、1060、1070、3003 etc.

Supply Status: H18、H22、H24、HO etc.

Thickness: 0.3mm-6.0mm

Width: 100mm-1600mm

Product Description

  Product description of sign aluminum plate:

  Sign aluminum plate is a rectangular material with a rectangular cross section and uniform thickness, which is made by pressure processing (shearing or sawing) of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy materials by Qingyan Technology. The aluminum plate contains 99.6% of aluminum, and is also called pure aluminum plate. The aluminum plate has high elongation, tensile strength, electrical conductivity, and high formability, which can meet the requirements of conventional processing (stamping, stretching).

  Sign aluminum plate classification:

  A. According to alloy composition:

  1. High-purity aluminum plate: rolled from high-purity aluminum with a content of 99.9 or more, also known as pure aluminum plate;

  2, alloy aluminum plate: composed of aluminum and auxiliary alloys, usually aluminum copper, aluminum manganese, aluminum silicon, aluminum magnesium, and other series;

  3, composite aluminum plate or welded plate: special-purpose aluminum plate materials are obtained through a variety of material composite methods;

  4. Aluminum-clad aluminum plate: The outer side of the aluminum plate is covered with a thin aluminum plate for special purposes.

  B. According to thickness: (unit mm)

  1, thin plate: 0.15-2.0mm;

  2, conventional board: 2.0-6.0mm;

  3, middle plate: 6.0-25.0mm;

  4. Thick plate: 25-200mm.

Sign aluminum plate

  The main application of sign aluminum plate:

  Signage aluminum panels are mainly used in lighting, solar reflectors, architectural appearance, interior decoration: ceilings, walls, etc., furniture, cabinets, elevators, signs, nameplates, luggage, car interior and exterior decoration, interior decorations: such as photo frames, household appliances: Refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc., aerospace and military aspects, mechanical parts processing, mold manufacturing, chemical / thermal insulation pipe coating.

Sign aluminum plate

Product Features

  1. It has high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, good plasticity, and is easy to withstand various pressure processing, bending and stretching;

  2. Good candle illumination and welding performance, and can be used for gas welding, hydrogen atom welding and resistance welding;

  3, Has good corrosion resistance;

  4. Mature technology, good quality and low price;

  5, Good forming characteristics, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and conductivity;

  6, Can meet the conventional processing needs, stamping, stretching, high formability;

  7, The surface of the aluminum plate has no oil spots, no waves, no scratches, no roll marks, neat trimming, and no burrs;

  8. The cutting edge is of good quality, without burrs,


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